Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beach bums

I love the days spent with my kids. The exciting thing about rving, is going to new places.  I've not found a single place that's been the same. It keeps everything adventurous, which is what we like. The kids especially love the new playgrounds we come across.  And I don't have to take care of a yard, with all the work included. Lazy days are my kind of days.   

We especially love living near the ocean. I heart the Gulf especially, and the SC beach comes in second place. The sands at the Gulf are white, or almost. (I never understood the 'rave' about white sand beaches. I thought : 'honestly if your even at the beach, your a blessed soul! Who cares what color the sand is.'  While that's true, I can see the difference now in texture and refinement. White sand is so delicate, it's so soft and pure it seems. 

The water on the gulf has that teal tinge to it, and it sparkles. The ocean feels like home to me in someways. I can't really decide if I'm a beach bum, or a country chick. 

I'm working more on doing what I love every day, when my energy is up. I love spending time with my kids. Those are the best moments in my life, and i will cherish them forever. I will never feel like I spent 'too much time' with my kids, rather the lack of it, as I look back at my life. Truly family is what matters most. You can't fill that gap with things, entertainment (even paint).

 Here's some of Gods glory!