Our Adventure

What are we doing?

Our little family is seeking a better quality of life. For us, that may entail something quite different then one might think.  We're looking for a place to live free of the allergens and things that cause me daily chronic pain.

We've sold our 2,850 sq. foot home  and downsized to a 40 ft. Motor home (approx 400 sq. ft.)

How are you going to live mobile?

My husband is an Engineer and has been able to start working remotely. 
I paint on the side doing illustration and fine art. 

Here you can keep up with our adventures.
as well as my work with Fine Art.

Life to us is not all about "things", it's about being together as a family and creating memories together. 
We've been hit on the head and have come to realize how fragile and short life can be.
Take advantage of the moments now, and the time you DO have now.
We know we won't look back and wish we'd worked more, but we sure do know the memories with our kids are what's going to matter most!

How long do you plan to do this for?

We don't know how long we'll be mobile. We don't know if we'll even end up finding an environment where I can comfortably live, but we're going to try! And we're going to have a heck of a time while we do it :)