Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Body boarding

(2015 Oil on panel by Jen Tolman)

Yesterday I spent the day with the kids playing in the water and digging sand pools. Today I'm spending the day recouping with a migraine.  

But the best moments of my life are spent with these kids.  I love the simple moments, moments of laughter, moments of fun pure joy, and silliness!

My young-ins have picked up on body boarding extremely well (i'd say). 
I watch them go out into the water tummy high, as they patiently wait for the 'best' wave to come. 
Then with a squeal of delight, they make a fast dash to jump on top of that wave and ride it all the way till their board hits the sand.

It's hilarious, and adorable. 
It makes me laugh.

A couple days ago, we happened to go out to the water right at the moment some people on the left of us started jumping out, then pointing.  My oldest was already catching waves and I asked the neighbors what they were pointing at.

It was a shark!
(a baby shark)

But nonetheless a shark!

Boy, I hassled to get my kid out of the water.  

Ever since then, the scene of Jaws appears in my head every time my kids start walking out to grab the "good" waves.  

Yep, those sharks sure do ruin it for you.