Monday, February 16, 2015

Magical water

This morning started off with some ferocious winds outside. It jostled the hog around and woke me up.
I started the day with '19 kids and counting' and 'Kate plus 8' (This coming from a girl who hardly ever watches tv any more), while we shuffled the kids around trying to get them to clean up their messes. One mess makes it look like the entire rv's exploded. I just felt tired and wanted a break from thinking. 

The winds died down more by the afternoon. Our rv park has a mini playground that the kids have been dying to go out and play on. It seemed rather rebellious playng on metal equipment while a storm was billowing up above my head. But I didn't heed it.  I guess I've turned into a rebel of sorts not heeding all safety precautions and slowly creeping out of my shell of fear. In that moment I wanted to play and so I did. We all did, and we laughed and enjoyed ourselves, and even if just for a half hour, I lived without fear of anything life held against me.

The storm was brewing up waves like crazy. Waves that I've never seen come this far up on the beach. But they were incredibly magical!   I mean, talk about the ocean  feeling like a spiritual body! 

When it rages like it did, there's a powerful energetic feeling you get from it. And even though everything in your senses tells you not to go too close, you feel drawn to it. You want to feel part of what ever that magical stuff is. 

It's like Gods in there I tell you.