Saturday, February 28, 2015


 I heard a talk in church that boosted my faith and helped me to feel at peace.

Are we not all beggars?

Have mercy on the poor (kindness)
Have you not at some point needed an answer to your prayers?

We all need God to help us through mortality.
Look for others who are going through your trials, you know how to help them!

We need constant revelation from God- We need to continually ask and follow revelation.

Train yourselves to ask.

We should tune ourselves everyday to feel those frequencies so that in times of stress we can feel those revelations.

You see people come into your lives and you don't understand why; you see people leave and you don't understand why, but that's God working.  He has a plan.

You're not waiting for this big miracle to come into your life, you're waiting for those small and simple things.

Let thy bowels be full of charity unto all man. Give charity.  Let virtue garnish they thoughts.

"If you practice the small things day by day, you will learn to have unshaken faith"- 'Eyring'