Friday, February 13, 2015

Living free

I've taken up some plein air painting which has been a source of joy for me. 
Painting is always healing for my soul.  I have been shocked at how COLD it is in Florida! Our hometown wasn't even this cold.

Many times when I've  seen a beach house or walked out onto the sand I've thought "dang I know why people live on the beach!"  It's like connecting the soul with a piece of heaven and you can't help but be in awe.

We finally got a mouse and keyboard (we left mine behind accidentally). Soon we'll set up the computer and get things rolling with it and I'll post some of the places we stayed at. 
Each place had its pros and cons, but overall we've liked them all. 

It's been fun to drive to the beach and think wow, that would be cool to live here.... Oh wait! I do live here. How awesome is that? I like that I am free to roam. If One place doesn't work for us, we move onto the next.