Friday, January 30, 2015

A new home

We made it to our first destination on the Gulf. 
Moving out the last day was chaotic and we were throwing stuff out left and right because we didn't have any room left to store it.  Everyone kept asking if I was excited. To tell you the truth I just felt numb. That whole week was 'go go go' nonstop and I was completely exhausted I couldn't feel anything.

We passed through New Mexico which I was curious to see how I reacted to the plants there. Some areas where there was only dead grass I seemed to be fine, but I wasn't perfectly OK the rest of the way.

Texas was pretty barren, but a step up from the lone and dreary wilderness I saw in New Mexico. I noted to my husband that if I had to live in New Mexico just for the sake of my allergies, I'd just rather live in the trailer rather then a house and travel like a gypsy.

The first part of Texas I seemed to do well with. When we got closer to Houston there started to appear a sycamore looking tree that I was not doing well with. 
I'll be honest, that is very discouraging to know that green in general makes my body flare up and in pain. Oh what a sad day. I love greenery.

Bottom: Here's to real life people! over all I am very happy with the trailer layout. It seems to be working well so far for our needs. It is squishy and noisy having everyone cramped in a small space, but I'm sure we'll figure out a routine that works for us as we move along.

There's something in the air here that is giving me mild allergy symptoms, but when I walk up to the beach and breathe the allergy free salt air, I am much relieved.