Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life is beautiful

This is a thought I've had on a daily basis this past year (before the "Glorious" song came out)
I sit and just think and meditate and I keep coming back to this thought: 'how AMAZING life is'.
I think of the doctor who spends his time with me trying to figure out ways to help my health, my dentist who fixes my teeth so hopefully I can have a healthy mouth and a healthy body.  I think of my running water and see myself go down through the pipe and follow it over to where some person is in control of monitoring it, or running machines or dams or whatever they use (haha) to make that clean water get to my faucet.
I think of my neighbor who's a mom, who raises and nurtures her kids like I do and provides a playmate for my kid.

What if we didn't have variety? What if we all were rockstars and did the same thing? How would I have a clean glass of water to drink?

Some of these people may think they're worthless. That their job is so tiresome and maybe even useless, unappreciated.   I know I've thought that.

But then you take a step back and look at what they all contributed. They make the world run. It spins because of them.

   Somewhere, sometime in your life someone will need you. Your talents and abilities are unique. We came down to do our part, and we all have a piece to the puzzle.  Don't forget that your piece is extremely important to making that whole. You may be one piece but you are a glorious piece.

Have faith that your part means so much to somebody else, even if you don't recognize it.  And then ask God to show you what part you play. He will answer you in his own way and in his own time but he will! And you need to listen.

I found my happiness when I realized I could contribute to humanity and make a difference. I am a difference, I am a light and I can share that. I can up my game and keep upping my game. Play a part in humanity and make a difference in someones life today. It's not to hard when you get creative.   I had a whole day change just by a nice friendly comment given to me at my local Costco the other day. It made me want to go make someone else's day as well.

And there we have an example of saving humanity one kind word at a time.