Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome to New York!

*Sigh.  New York.  What a lovely place to be. (And I'm not referring to just the Ny,Ny)  The country lands are beautiful and lush and green everywhere. So many old Churches, so many BARNS! If you're a barn painter, move to this state. 

I even fulfilled a life long dream of visiting an artists studio who I know lives there currently. I always wanted to see his studio since I was young. His art has been very inspiring to me growing up and now I can check that off my bucket list. His wife even had a photo of my grandparents that I got to take a look at and it was such a happy time. They are beautiful people.

We went and saw several sites. We strung it out through a few weeks so that if we went one day, I could recover the next and so forth. And we had our own car which was awesome and insane if you've ever been to New York city.  It was perfect so I could take my own food with me, and walking wasn't something I could do a whole ton of so it gave us a more relaxed schedule.
I love New York. I went there as a college student for a class, and always imagined afterwords how I could totally live in the city. I'd probably attend art drawings and sit in food joints sketching people. 
But it's not a place for the faint of heart! So much action going on constantly. It's definitely a go go city.  As to where I'm at in life, I definitely prefer to be in a more subdued atmosphere, low key and low stress environment now.

The kids enjoyed the Museum of Natural History. 

We even enjoyed visiting the MOA, which was my favorite for obvious reasons. And I like exposing my kids to the arts and "edify" their education some more ;) And who doesn't love sculptures?

Architecture = dreamland.