Monday, November 24, 2014


On Sunday in church, the speaker  spoke about an experience he had going hiking with his two kids.
His 9 year old son was excited for his first hike. However as they got further up the hill the son finally gave up almost near the top. He said "Dad I can't do this anymore, I'm done". His dad then proceeded to coax him with candy and jerky and as long as he had that in hand he kept going. When the food ran out he sat down and said "dad I'm done, I can't do it anymore" the dad knew the distance was very short and tried to get him to come but his son had decided to be finished. The dad told His son that lunch was at the top ready and waiting for him if he could just keep going. Finally he got him to finish.

He then recounted an opposite version of the story including his older daughter. As they were hiking one of the souls of her heel fell off. Nervous, the dad used shoelaces to try and hold it on there for the remaining hike. She said "don't worry dad I can keep going"

On the way down the mountain, the heel completely gave out. She was left with a moccasin for a shoe. Then her other heel gave out. Yet her attitude was the same. " I can keep going dad".

As I heard this story I thought of my own struggles and my attitude. Unfortunately the only one I could relate to was the boy who needed coaxing to keep going. I've found myself at times saying to my husband " I just can't do this anymore, it is too hard, it is too painful, why would I keep climbing this mountain".  And then I see my father in heaven and his loving mercy towards me as he gently persuades me to keep climbing. No doubt I have received "candy/jerky" or in other words "blessings"  that I've relied on to help me see that I can give it a little more effort.

I've pondered these two scenarios. How do I want my attitude to reflect? Understandably we can sympathize with the boy  and the hard trail he undertook, but I looked at the daughters attitude and thought "wow".  The trail was hard for both, but the attitude changed the experience.

How do we change our attitudes to be like this girl?